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Mi Casa Solutions

Established in 2018 Mi Casa Solutions was born with the mission to provide quality blinds and curtains.

What we do

We work according to the European standards and offering quality products is one of the most important things to us until nowadays

The company

is registered in Malta and each of the team lives here. We do not use the practice to offer seasonal work to people abroad.

We are close to

the everyday life of our customers here because we want to understand perfectly their needs. Today we know their way of life and as a part of it since years we strive to provide window solutions which completely meet their needs and expectations.

We work

with proven manufacturers in Europe and beyond – in search of quality for our blinds and curtains our suppliers provide us fabrics from Spain, Turkey and North Korea.

We are doing the best

to provide fast delivery to our customers (in the time frame of 2-3 weeks). To do this, we use our own transport for the deliveries of the orders.

An important part

of our policy is the European terms of service. Just selling a product is not our main goal. We take care of our customers and we provide after sale service.


The blinds and the curtains we provide are with 2 years warranty.

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