Heavy Curtains

Heavy Curtains

One of the classic ways to make the room cool and darker, cozy and elegant. The Heavy Curtains are perfect if you want to add texture and exclusively stylish look into the room but you want and full privacy. They have beautiful side but they are really functional at the same time. Made from heavy and thick fabric they can provide full privacy and block the light. To fit perfectly into your design we added a wide range of colors and materials in our collection. After you choose the right with the help of our expert just be ready for a complete makeover of the room. Because when you dress up the doors and the windows with made to measure Heavy curtains you bring a personal, decorative touch to your home.

Choose your fabrics and colors and protect the rooms from the sun on a beautiful way. In fact, the Heavy Curtains are really perfect solution even for the cold season. They provide a good insulation and they will help you to keep the room cool on the hot days and warm when the cold season comes.
Our Heavy curtains collection includes different high-quality materials such as velvet, cotton, silk, linen, etc. The fabrics are provided from proven manufacturers in Spain, Turkey and North Korea. We offer and a wide range of colors so you can have the freedom to choose the perfect ones for your home design. Each 6 months we update our collection of fabrics and we add new suggestions, following the new trends.

How to clean them?

The fabrics of the Heavy Curtains are washable and they allow for machine washing on gentle cycle and on a program not more than 30 degrees. Remove the fabric immediately after the washing spin cycle, and reinstall while it’s slightly damp. Never put the fabric in the dryer. The curtains can be steamed.


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