Stylish and soft, made of thin fabric – this is the most typical for the sheer curtains. They are the perfect solution when you want to allow maximum amount of light at your home but also to bring some elegance and even privacy. The semi sheer curtain is the great friend of your desire to make the room more cozy, stylish and relaxed. The soft waves drapes beautifully on doors and windows to create the elegant finish. At the same time the sheer fabric filter the light and create a soft and relaxed lighting effect.

The other advantage is that you can see the view outside but you can have a level of privacy because the people outside won’t be able to see through into your room. During the evening the level of privacy is reduced because of the home lightening. But anytime you can make a combination with other products to bring total privacy. Most of the solutions in that case are to add heavy curtains or some kind of blind. The sheers can be combined in a beautiful way with Zebra Blinds or Roller Blinds.

The fabric options for our Sheer curtains include different materials and textures (polyester, cotton, linen, etc.) provided from manufacturers in Spain, Turkey and North Korea. We offer and a wide range of colors so you can have the freedom to choose the perfect ones for your home. Each 6 months we update our collection of fabrics and we add new suggestions, following the new trends.

How to clean them?

The fabrics of the Sheer Curtains are washable and they allow for machine washing on gentle cycle and on a program not more than 30 degrees. Remove the fabric immediately after the washing spin cycle, and reinstall while it’s slightly damp. Never put the fabric in the dryer. The Sheers can be steamed.


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