VISTA Sheer Blinds

VISTA Sheer Blinds

Vista Sheer Blinds are the modern alternative to the traditional vertical blinds. Made of alternating vanes of sheer and opaque fabric, they look more elegant and give the illusion of a panel of curtains. Perfect solution when you want a completely stylish, elegant and practical blind at the same time. They provide light control and blackout option. Each fabric fold has individual sections that create the soft feel of a sheer curtain but allow us to quickly shift the angle of light or close them to block the light and bring privacy.

Similar to the traditional curtains, our made to measure Vista Sheer Blinds offer a sophisticated and a delicate simplicity that will transform any room. You can use them for standard doors and windows even for large apertures. They are ideal solution for the large windows and sliding doors. In fact their beauty shines most when they are used for the large opening concept in the house. In that case you can use and more colors. Yes, we said colors! There’s a wide colorful range for the Sheer Blinds. You can use one or combine two even more colors so they can fit into your design.
Vista Sheer Blinds are easy to clean and even to be fixed if there are any damages. If some place of the fabric is damaged for any reason, single fabric slat can be replaced with a new one and the blind will looks perfect as before that.

How to clean them?

Vista Sheer Blinds are washable. The polyester fabric allows for machine washing on gentle cycle in cold water or on a program not more than 30 degrees. You can easily unhook the fabric slats for washing and then just put them back on the hooks. Remove immediately after the washing spin cycle and reinstall while it’s slightly damp. Never put the fabric in the dryer. The Sheer Blinds can be steamed.


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