Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds

The most specific features of the wooden blinds are perfect sun protection and even ideal thermal insulation. Made of material which is alternative of the real wood this kind of blinds which we provide can be a good solution for any room. They are suitable for large apertures or standard windows and doors. They are even more sustainable than the real wood. You can use the faux wooden blinds also in hot humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens while the real wooden blinds are difficult to maintain and not resistant to moisture.

This kind of blinds is perfect alternative of the real wood – they bring coziness, beauty and warmth as a classic wood but they are moisture resistant and easy to maintain and clean. Their durability is the other advantage. They are not as prone to cracking, warping and fading through the time or when they are exposed on the sun as real wood is.

Our Venetian wooden blinds offer maximum light control and are available in two slat sizes: 2.5 cm and 5 cm. Besides of the slat sizes you can choose also between different colors.

How to clean them?

The Venetian wooden blinds are moisture resistant and you can clean them with a towel and water.


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